New to this site. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative proctitis quite a few years back. I am on Apriso0.375 and also the mesalamine suppository. I am now having a bad flare up, constant diarrhea, bleeding, pussy looking sap. This has been going on for 4 days. I am staying on my regular meals as I don't want to lose any weight, but everything seems to come right out. Even when I am not having a flare up, I have huge bowel movements, I have never seen anything like it. My doctor has suggested enema's, which I haven't tried yet and even mentioned infusions. Because of the coronovirus, I do not want to go to the ER for this. Has anyone else had a flare up like this and what can be done to get it under control. any suggestions or anyone who has the same symptons would be appreciated if it was shared. I am beginning to really get worried. My next colonoscopy is in October.

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    In reply to your question, I also have ulcerative proctitis.

    I was diagnosed (like many) with a missing enzyme in my skin which stopped me from converting sun light into active vitamin D. Apparently this happens to a lot of people.

    So my doc put me on 4000 UI of vitamin D daily for 3 months as my blood results showed a score below 28.

    Because I was bleeding so bably like yourself for a long time, I also took Zinc tablets, 30mg + 2mg copper for 1 month and then when down to 15mg + 1mg copper for 1 month.

    While doing this, I took clove teas(5 cloves boiled for 10 minutes(slow boil) in a cup twice per day.

    Finally I completely stopped drinking milk and eating cheese while being inflamed and replaced this with Soya and Rice Milk.

    All of the above stopped me from bleeding within 2 weeks.

    After 3 months, I was able to eat pretty much anything but I still stay away from cow milk.

    Remember that my proctitis was bleeding non stop, painful and nothing else worked(not even mesalazine in enema).

    One thing I be very careful with is all the food which has a high amount of sulphur while inflamed like garlic and onions, I have noticed they were hurting like hell. Now I am not inflamed anymore I eat them without any issues.

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